Little © Luca GelPack

Kids do hurt themself easily, and when it is only a scratch or they were shocked, then they look for comfort. The Little LUCA not only relieves pain, but even more important, it gives your child the feeling that there is taken care of the bump s and bruses, or stoamch pain.

+ What is the Little LUCA Gelpack?
The gel pack that provides first aid in case of accidents.

BUDDY is comforting and relieves pain caused by swelling and bruising.

+ When do you use the Little LUCA Gel pack?
Use a Cold Gel Pack to treat:

  • sprains and bruises
  • insect bites
  • swelling
  • soreness after sunbathing
  • headaches, fever

First apply an antiseptic to the sore spot, if necessary, and then hold the our Gel Pack against the sore spot for several minutes. Make sure you always have a clean and ready-to-use our Gel Pack in your refrigerator!


Use a Warm Gel Pack to treat:

  • aching muscles
  • stomachache
  • sore places that are not swollen (always use cold BUDDY to relieve swelling)
  • cold hands and feet

Immerse the Gel Pack in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Test the Gel Pack temperature with the back of your hand before applying it to the sore spot. A Gel Pack should never be too warm and always have a pleasant temperature.  The Gel pack can also be warmed in the micro wave for 15 seconds on max 600 watt. Make always sure you first check the temperature before you hand it over to your child.


+ Safety Instructions
  • Our Gel pack can be prepared in a microwave or freezer under the following conditions:
  • Microwave: heat for a maximum of 20 seconds at 600 Watt, preferable in a half-open container. Do not leave unattended.
  • Freezer: for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Please test the temperature of the Gel Pack on yourself after removing from the microwave or freezer before using it on a child. Extreme temperatures can cause burns!
  • Our Gel Pack is for external use only.
  • Our Gel Pack is not a toy and must always be used under the supervision of an adult.
  • Always consult your family doctor if you have any concerns about the health of your child.
  • Make sure your Gel Pack is clean before using. Wash your Gel pack in soap and warm water after each Dry thoroughly.


  • Miscellaneous:
  • This gel pack meets CE standards, contains no toxic materials and is ftalate-free.


Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands