Little © Luca Mosquito Bite Relief


Young children are less resistant to​ mosquito bites than​ adults. As they are bitten more often they suffer a lot from the itching, swelling and urge to scratch. This makes children irritated, restless and awake during the night and causes, therefore,​ a lot of discomfort for the children and their parents. Also,​ there is a real​ danger of infection and scars.

Mosquito bites are almost impossible to prevent but now there is a solution to minimize the itching, swelling and urge to scratch.

Little LUCA’s Mosquito Bite relief patches have the unique effect when placed on a new mosquito bite, that within a short time* the discomfort disappears​ and there is no longer a persistent need to scratch the mosquito bite. This is a very important aspect as research shows that scratching is the biggest cause of more swelling, itch, infection, ​and scars.
The patches from Little LUCA are developed in cooperation with the University

The patches stay up for 4-7 days, which is very important as there is a secondary and tertiary effect of mosquito bites which can cause them to become itchy again until​ 72 hours after the initial bite.

For this reason,​ lotions and creme only work at best for a very limited time as they do not stay on long. Little LUCA’s patches stay on even after many showers, swimming, ​and bathing and fall off when the bite has healed.


1. When a mosquito bites they insert saliva to make it easier for them to swallow the blood
2. The body reacts on the salvia by releasing Histamine which causes swelling and itching
3. Scratching the bite cause more histamine which causes​ more swelling and itching

· The Little LUCA patches prevents not only to scratch the bite,
but also lift up the upper skin which further lowers the reaction to the bite.

· The open structure of the patches stimulates faster healing of the bite.


Little LUCA Mosquito Bite Relief Patches are:

· Very effective for children as besides the real effect they love the action to place something on the bite. This gives​ them a feeling of control and that the problem is taken care of

· Very easy to apply and to take with you
· Allergic free
· Free of chemical additions
· Also for nettle wounds
· Almost invisible
· One package contains 36 patches
· Already approved by many happy users

Technische Gegevens

• 80% Polyester
• 15% Polyurethan
• 5% Acryl
• Latex Free


Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands